April 28-30, 2019

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OWS 2019 Conference Reports:


Opening lecture on Unity in Diversity from Dr. Mary Jo Leddy and Dr. David Novak; Chair: Dr. Gerald Filson


Plenary session on Rethinking Identity with Nuzhat Jafri, Jonathan Hamilton-Diabo, and Dr. Kofi Hope; Chair: Chander Khanna


Keynote address by The Honourable Bob Rae: Pluralism is a Contested Idea in Today’s World: The Continuing Threats of Populism, Nationalism, and Religious Dogmatism


Plenary session on Addressing Extremism and Polarization with Mustafa Farooq, Giuliana Natale, and Dr. Anna Su; Chair: Rabbi Adam Cutler


Plenary session on Technology, Values & Society with Dr. Tracy J. Trothen, Dr. Borna Noureddin, and Joseph Brean; Chair: Sadia Zaman


Keynote address by Dr. Michael Ruse (Respondent: Dr. Ronald A. Kuipers): A Meaning to Life: Darwinian Existentialism