February 2015

Prof. Clifford Orwin, Professor of Political Science, Classics and Jewish Studies at the University of Toronto, is a featured plenary speaker at the "Our Whole Society" conference (Vancouver, March 22-24). Prof.

What would it look like if religious leaders from all faiths and from all over the world came together in one place? This is what will happen October 15 – 19th 2015 in Salt Lake City at the Parliament of World Religions.

Of the myriad responses to the Charlie Hebdo and related murders in and around Paris between January 7th and 9th last, from elegies on free speech and democracy, to lamentations that the depredations of Boko Haram in Nigeria and the Taliban in Peshawar were largely ignored, to mass marches through the streets of Paris and beyond, one of the deepest dialogues on the tragedy and its origins was convened by the Canadian Muslim Leadership Institute (CMLI) at the University

The Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton, a member of the Canadian Interfaith Conversation's Executive Committee, was interviewed for the article in Canadian Immigrant, "Divine diversity: is it time to talk about religion in Canada." She is quoted as saying, in relation to the formation of the Conversation, “Canada’s inherent characteristics of acceptance are both by design and by accident. We’re not binary, and polarized.

The Canadian online newsroom of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints published an article about the Conversation's website launch. See also our event photo gallery.

I keep a Grateful Journal. Daily I try to itemize at least one thing for which I'm appreciative. Today's entry reads, "I'm grateful for Justice Campbell of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court who ruled in favour of religious freedom and association." I'm referring of course to the case of Trinity Western University v. Nova Scotia Barristers' Society.