January 2018

Early in November 2017, a story broke regarding remarks that Her Excellency Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada, made at the Canadian Science Policy Convention in Ottawa. Of concern were disparaging comments about people who believe a number of things, including “divine intervention” in the origins of life. A letter from the Canadian Interfaith Conversation invited Ms.

After 20 years at Scarboro Missions and 20 years volunteering with other interfaith groups, Paul McKenna is retiring. We spoke to him about his 40 years of interfaith work, what excited him most about this work, and his hopes for the future as others carry on the work of interfaith dialogue and collaboration.

Hi Paul, how was it that your involvement in interfaith work entered into your vocation at Scarboro Missions?

On Sunday, November 12, 2017, approximately 40 people gathered at the University of Toronto’s Multifaith Centre to discuss various themes in interfaith dialogue and collaboration in an event called “Renewed Engagement: Forging New Paths for Our Interfaith Conversation.”