Interfaith StoryTelling Project

Have you ever heard of a Living Library?  It works just like a regular library, in that visitors browse a catalogue to find titles, choose a book, borrow it and then return it when they have finished reading it.  The only difference is that in a Living Library, Books are people. You “read” this kind of Book by having a conversation with someone.

Living Library is an equalities storytelling tool designed to challenge prejudice and discrimination.  The Institute of Canadian Archives is partnering with The Christian-Jewish Dialogue of Toronto to organize an interfaith Living Library event in 2017.  The first of its kind, the event is supported by established Toronto organizations and will also engage government representatives, activists, leaders and civil society members, along with representatives of religious denominations.

The Living Library “will draw participants from different backgrounds and will foster the spirit of pluralism and intercultural dialogue; something that Canada is already very proud of,” says Azfar Rizvi, Executive Director of the Institute of Canadian Archives. 

The Institute is also in the process of developing a free platform with storytelling toolkits and more, to be used after the 2017 Interfaith Living Library event to help more communities across Canada to organize their own smaller Living Library events in the near future.  This project is seeking a volunteer CFO, two project managers, and a core group of volunteers (follow the links for the full job descriptions).