Request for OWS Workshop Proposals Welcome to Nov 30, 2016

Building Our Whole Society: Religion and Citizenship at Canada’s 150th

Call for Workshop Proposals

This multi-sector, interdisciplinary conference seeks to inquire into the relationship between religion and citizenship at the 150th anniversary of confederation in Canada. Historically, and currently, religion has demonstrated potential to be a powerful resource for strengthening citizenship. Many religious teachings help to connect the individual with a sense of social purpose, and encourage service and sacrifice for the common good. What can we learn from these traditions of thought, which describe the qualities of a virtuous person, the characteristics of a good society, and the value of public institutions? How might Canada’s diverse religious communities contribute to developing relationships of trust, reciprocity, and cooperation – building social capital and promoting collective action? How can we draw upon Canada’s religious diversity as a resource for strengthening civic engagement and social solidarity?

Organized under the auspices of the Canadian Interfaith Conversation, conference organizers invite individuals and institutions to submit proposals for workshops that will open up discussion of conference themes. These themes include the roles that religious thought and practice can and do play in the following areas: immigrant and refugee settlement; promoting public justice through civic institutions; indigenous rights and the contribution of religious and other groups to a national process of truth and reconciliation; secularism, inclusion, and religious pluralism in Canadian public life; etc.

The workshops should be designed to be interactive in nature, actively seeking the participation of all workshop attendees. Workshop sessions are 80 minutes long, and proposals must demonstrate how the workshop plans to devote 60 minutes of workshop time to facilitated dialogue.

Proposals will include name, email address and affiliation, and should be limited to 300 words. Proposals will be sent to

Deadline for proposals: November 30, 2016