Easter Meet Your Neighbour Dinners

Featuring Now: Easter Dinners (Dinners with Christian Families)
Meals to be hosted: April 14, 20, 21 and/or 28, 2019

Intercultural Dialogue Institute cordially invites you to participate in a unique experience at your "neighbour's home." Are you interested in learning more about the tradition, culture and life style of your neighbours? Don't miss this opportunity!

The Meet Your Neighbour Project is designed to give participants the opportunity to experience the special and sacred observances of other faiths/cultures. These dinners take place in an intimate family setting with a home cooked meal which provides the best setting for learning about other faiths and cultures firsthand.

You may have heard of something like Diwali, Easter, Shabbat or Iftar, you may even know the specific religious connotation behind it, but have you ever experienced a meal with a family who is observing it? Are you interested in being a host for a dinner to share your culture or tradition with your neighbours? Then, don't miss this opportunity to share, celebrate and learn about our diversity through a night of hospitality.

If you have questions, would like to learn more, or if you would like to register as either a host or a guest, please visit meetyourneighbour.ca or contact Jackie Kovacs at jkovacs@idialogue.ca, 647-502-6565.