Intercultural Ramadan Friendship Dinner, Metropolitan United Church

On June 14, 2016at 7:30 pm, at Metropolitan United Church, the Intercultural Dialogue Institute GTA will host a Ramadan intercultural and interfaith dinner. The theme will be "Welcoming Syrian Newcomers," with keyote speaker Malaz Sebai of Lifeline Syria. You're welcome to register at the Intercultural Ramadan Friendship Dinner website.

The Intercultural Dialogue Institute GTA is hosting a series of Ramadan intercultural and interfaith dinners in different parts of the GTA.  These dinners bring together people of various faith and ethno-cultural backgrounds and serve as a means of fostering dialogue and cross-cultural awareness in our multicultural society. They address various topics related to common teachings and values of different faith traditions and cultures. Each of these dinners has received many attendees from all walks of life; including government representatives, MPs and MPPs, diplomats, bureaucrats, professionals, business people, representatives from media and academia, as well as religious and community leaders.