Meet Your Neighbour Thanksgiving Dinners

Date: Sunday, October 13

Would you be interested in hosting newcomers for Thanksgiving Dinner or in joining to learn more about Thanksgiving at your neighbour's house? Don't miss this opportunity!

The Intercultural Dialogue Institute’s (IDI) ongoing Meet Your Neighbour project in the Greater Toronto Area seeks to bring people from various cultures and faiths together in an environment of kindness, respect, and hospitality. Hosts and guests organise meals throughout the year based around certain feast day celebrations and holy meals of various religious and cultural traditions. By bringing people together in the context of a shared meal, the IDI seeks to promote dialogue in a way that fosters greater personal understanding across social and cultural differences.

Currently, the IDI is looking for people to register as hosts and guests for Thanksgiving Dinners on October 13th. If you are interested in hosting or being a guest at a Thanksgiving meal, please visit their website to register and to find out more about this project. The deadline to register as a host is September 27, and the deadline to register as a guest is October 2

If you would like to learn more or have questions, please send an email to or call (647) 243-4272.