About Us

The Canadian Interfaith Conversation gathers representatives of 62 faith communities and faith-based organizations who believe that people of faith can contribute positively to the benefit of all people in Canadian society. 

As we note in our Charter Vision, the practice of religion and its impact on the identities of Canadians is an enduring feature of this country. We advocate for religion in a pluralistic society and in Canadian public life, believing that conversation is essential to doing so effectively.

The current Conversation Co-chairs are Peter Noteboom and Shaila Kibria Carter. Other Executive Committee members include Sandra Pallin, Bruce Clemenger, Geoffrey Cameron, Khushwant Kaur, Sheba Birhanu, Belle Jarniewski, Akaash Maharaj, Haseen Khan, Arun Chatterjee, Shaila Kibria Carter. The Program Coordinator is Richard Chambers.

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The Canadian Interfaith Conversation promotes dialogue between Parliamentarians and representatives and members of Canada’s religious communities on matters of shared interest and concern through the All Party Parliamentary Interfaith Caucus.

We also sponsor Our Whole Society, a conference that aims to foster a new dialogue about the changing role of religion in Canadian society.

Our website reflects the importance of conversation — please check out our Deep Dialogue blog and join in!

Contact Information

Email: info@interfaithconversation.ca