A wide variety of faith communities and faith-based organizations are current participants in the Canadian Interfaith Conversation. See below for how your organization can become a participant. Our Participants Forum lets you know what projects they're engaged in - find out if you'd like to join them!

Become a Participant

The Canadian Interfaith Conversation welcomes participants who represent religious communities, as well as organizations or groups with an interest in religion or spiritual matters, and who wish to uphold freedom of religion and freedom of beliefs — those who want to see a role and place for religion in a Canadian society characterized by an inclusive pluralism. 

To participate you should agree with the Charter Vision of the Canadian Interfaith Conversation, represent a religious, faith or spiritual community that is national or international, or an organization, association or council related to faith and spirituality. That includes provincial, regional or local interfaith or multi-faith bodies, as well as organizations whose religious or spiritual focus may be on development, the media, social services, or similar issues of common concern. Individuals attend Conversation meetings as representatives, either in person or by phone.

The Canadian Interfaith Conversation uses a “consensus model” for decision-making. No public statement is considered a statement of the Canadian Interfaith Conversation unless all participants agree. However, all participants can raise with the Executive Committee items for discussion or items to be circulated directly to all participants or highlighted on our website, even if they don’t meet with consensus accord. As a clearing house or virtual “public square,” those of like-mind who wish to work together in collective action can find each other in the Conversation.

To participate, just submit a request to the Interfaith Conversation’s Executive Committee. Current participants will consider whether to accept new participants, and you will then be listed, with the organization name and the name of the individual representative, and be asked to make a small annual contribution of $50 to support our common expenses.