All Party Parliamentary Interfaith Caucus

The purpose of the All-Party Interfaith Caucus is to promote dialogue between Parliamentarians and representatives and members of Canada’s religious communities on matters of shared interest and concern. It will do so by sponsoring, with the support of the Canadian Interfaith Conversation and its member organizations, the following kinds of activities: 

  • Informal dialogue relating to the contribution of the ideas and experiences of Canada’s religious communities to particular public policy challenges;
  • Social events intended to familiarize Parliamentarians with the ideas, experiences, and representatives of Canada’s religious communities;
  • Formal events, such as an interfaith prayer breakfast, that bring together Parliamentarians and members of Canada's religious communities and civil society to celebrate the contribution that Canada’s religions make to our common life;
  • Information exchange and collaboration with like-minded bodies in civil society in order to support other national and international initiatives aimed at promoting inter-religious understanding and working across the religious-secular divide.

Affiliated Organization

The All-Party Interfaith Caucus is affiliated with the Canadian Interfaith Conversation (CIC), Canada’s national interfaith body. The Charter Vision of the CIC states: “The practice of religion and its impact on the identities of Canadians is an enduring feature of this country. The Charter Vision of the Canadian Interfaith Conversation is to advocate for religion in a pluralistic society and in Canadian public life. We want to promote harmony and spiritual insight among religions and religious communities in Canada, strengthen our society’s moral foundations, and work for greater realization of the fundamental freedom of conscience and religion for the sake of the common good and an engaged citizenship.”


Membership of the All-Party Interfaith Caucus is open to all Members of Parliament and Senators.


  • Daniel Blaikie (co-Chair), Member of Parliament for Elmwood—Transcona
  • Elizabeth May (co-Chair), Member of Parliament for Saanich—Gulf Islands
  • Sameer Zuberi, Member of Parliament for Pierrefonds—Dollard
  • Garnett Genuis, Member of Parliament for Sherwood Park—Fort Saskatchewan