Deep Dialogue

Welcome to the Deep Dialogue page, where Participants in the Conversation share their views on the importance and nature of interfaith dialogue and related issues, and also post news items. Deep Dialogue recognizes that we can do more together, and do so better, when we provide opportunity to talk about the things that have deepest meaning for us. We believe that our desires to contribute to the well-being of all people come from the place where our values and beliefs reside, not from a superficial desire to get along with others. When we are able to share those things that hold deep meaning for us, we not only promote better understanding but we are also able to better anticipate where and how we can work better together.

Guest blog posts are welcome (send requests to Please note that views expressed in blog posts written by a Conversation Participant reflect their own views, not those of the Canadian Interfaith Conversation as a whole.

This week will change you. You will experience a lifetime of study and travel the world within a city. You will go away with fresh eyes and a mind more open than you ever expected. We all need this experience. -Sharon Cooke

The world will celebrate International Golden Rule Day on April 5. The Golden Rule is the ethical concept of treating others the way we would wish to be treated, a principle that emerged across many different world religions around the same time in history, the Axial Age (800 – 200 BCE). This idea can still be found in many sacred Scriptures, including:

Judaism (Leviticus 19:18): You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

Early in November 2017, a story broke regarding remarks that Her Excellency Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada, made at the Canadian Science Policy Convention in Ottawa. Of concern were disparaging comments about people who believe a number of things, including “divine intervention” in the origins of life. A letter from the Canadian Interfaith Conversation invited Ms.

After 20 years at Scarboro Missions and 20 years volunteering with other interfaith groups, Paul McKenna is retiring. We spoke to him about his 40 years of interfaith work, what excited him most about this work, and his hopes for the future as others carry on the work of interfaith dialogue and collaboration.

Hi Paul, how was it that your involvement in interfaith work entered into your vocation at Scarboro Missions?