Better Together Day

On this Better Together Day, April 10, Interfaith Youth Core is asking you actively seek out something you admire in someone else's faith, tradition, or worldview and share it with the world. By joining with thousands of students, educators and other Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) supporters across the nation, we can make our campuses, communities, and country more unified. 

Step 1: Share your appreciation! Use our online form to tell us what you appreciate about someone else's faith, tradition, or worldview. If you feel stuck, check out what others are sharing on our Appreciation Wall (you might even see a shout out to your own religious or non-religious background).

Step 2: Explore our Better Together Day website. You'll find ways to increase your interfaith literacy, get ideas for activities you can organize in your community, and learn more about our upcoming live social media events!

You can follow the Better Together Day excitement on IFYC's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and using the hashtag #BetterTogetherDay.