Cultivating the Spirit of Love - Education Conference

Dates: Saturday, September 29 (8:00pm)-Sunday, September 30 (5:30pm)
Venue: Renison University College, University of Waterloo, 240 Westmount Rd. N., Waterloo, ON

This year's 9th Annual Reflective Conference on Education to Globalize the Human Mind is on the theme of Cultivating the Spirit of Love.

This event is a two-day reflective conference of local, national, international, and intergenerational scope with wonderful speakers. It features presenters from Canada, United Sates and elsewhere--including Dr. Shiv Talwar, Rev. Gyalten Semten, Yasuo Fujii, and Dr. Atif Khalil. You are invited to come and meet the others interested in all-inclusive spiritual education to integrate humanity bridging the chasms between our hearts and minds.

Tickets ($49 for students, $89 regular) and more information are available here on their website.