Gaza Calls: Canada Answers

Join us on November 26, 2016, for a live three hour video-conference on Gaza.  It will inclue a Q&A and opportunities to take collective action. Be sure to arrive before 11:45 am, as video conference live with Gaza starts at noon.  This Toronto event is co-sponsored by Canadian Friends of Sabeel and Mary Ward Centre

Three Palestinians will connect with over a dozen locations across Canada for an indepth discussion on current medical, social, and legal issues in Gaza.  The three panelists, representing church partners in Palestine, are:

- Suhaila Tarazi (director of Al Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza)

- Sami El-Yousef (regional director of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association - CNEWA)

- Raji Sourani (Lawyer, recipient of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award and director of Palestinian Centre for Human Rights - Gaza)


Anglican Church of Canada

Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA)

Presbyterian Church of Canada

United Church of Canada

United Network for Peace and Justice in Palestine/Israel (UNJPPI)

CFOS - Canadian Friends of Sabeel