Multifaith Spiritual Dialogue Circle

On Monday, March 5 at 7:00 p.m., join a Multifaith Spiritual Dialogue Circle hosted by Don Heights Unitarian Congregation, 18 Wynford Drive, Suite 103, Toronto.

Join us this month as we sit in Circle together to explore Pluralism. Diana Eck at The Pluralism Project at Harvard University defines Pluralism:

1.  Pluralism is not about diversity alone, but the energetic engagement with diversity.
2.  Pluralism is not just tolerance, but the active seeking of understanding across lines of difference.
3.  Pluralism is not relativism, but the encounter of commitmentsPluralism is based on dialogue.
4.  Pluralism is based on dialogue.

At Ottawa’s Global Centre for Pluralism, it is “defined simply as an ethic of respect for diversity. Whereas diversity is a fact, pluralism is a choice. Pluralism results from the daily decisions taken by state institutions, by civil society actors and associations and by individuals to recognize and value human differences."