"Our Whole Society" Conference

From May 8-9, 2017, the "Our Whole Society" conference will take place at Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Canada. 

To mark the 150th anniversary of Canada's Confederation, the conference will seek to discover "a new way of talking, thinking and acting together so that Canada's religious diversity can become a resource for collective advancement."

The Conference keynote speakers are Dr. John Borrows and Dr. John Ralston Saul.  Organizers also expect broad participation from all sectors of Canadian society, including people who profess a faith tradition and people who do not. 

Karen Hamilton, chair of the Our Whole Society (OWS) planning group, says, "How appropriate that as Canada marks its 150th anniversary as a country, a diverse representation of Canadian society will gather in our nation's capital to have a thoughtful, respectful, honest and future-oriented conversation about the role of religion in our society for the benefit of all Canadians.” 

For more information, visit the Our Whole Society website or follow this link to register and join the conversation.