Truth and Reconciliation: Westworth 2019 Interfaith Dialogue

DateMonday, April 1, 2019
LocationWestworth Unitedd Church, 1750 Grosvenor Ave., Winnipeg, MB

Westworth United Church is hosting an ongoing series of interfaith dialogue talks around the theme of Truth and Reconciliation. Guiding questions for the series are:

  • What type of healing do we each need?
  • What faith-based skills and techniques will help us address truth and reconciliation?
  • How does our faith teach us to be treaty people?
  • How can our faith community respond to the TRC Calls to Action?

This week's event will take place at Westworth United Church and will feature speakers Ruth Ashrafi (Judaic Studies Advisor at Gray Academy of Jewish Education and Instructor of Hebrew Bible at the University of Winnipeg) and Chickadee Richard (Anishinaabe Elder and Co-Founder of the Bear Clan).

For more information, please contact Rev. Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd of Westworth United Church at (204) 489-6974, ext. 22, or