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Welcome to the Deep Dialogue page, where Participants in the Conversation share their views on the importance and nature of interfaith dialogue and related issues, and also post news items. Deep Dialogue recognizes that we can do more together, and do so better, when we provide opportunity to talk about the things that have deepest meaning for us. We believe that our desires to contribute to the well-being of all people come from the place where our values and beliefs reside, not from a superficial desire to get along with others. When we are able to share those things that hold deep meaning for us, we not only promote better understanding but we are also able to better anticipate where and how we can work better together.

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On January 30th, I was lucky enough to experience what it looks like when people from different faiths and backgrounds come out to support their fellow citizens. 

Neighbours of The Islamic Centre of Toronto, located on Boustead Avenue, wanted to send a message to everyone coming by their street in the days following the shooting at the mosque in Sainte Foy.

The recent shooting at the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Centre elicited reactions of both shock and solidarity from a diverse array of Canadian citizens.

La Conversation Interreligieuse Canadienne a publié la déclaration suivante le 30 janvier 2017:

The Canadian Interfaith Conversation issued the following statement on January 30, 2017: